What is Merge Dragons and why should you play it?

Merge Dragons is a game where your primary focus is to combine items and make them even more powerful. The idea here is to try and match eggs in order to create more powerful dragons. You will also need to solve all kinds of puzzles, then you can bring rewards to the camp to continue your focus on growing your dragons.

The game comes with new themes and content by-monthly, so there’s always something new and fun to enjoy here. You have tons of puzzles and a plethora of dragons too, with many being added all the time. This means the combinations are limitless and yo0u can easily create some amazing dragons if you test out your ideas.

You can also build your own camp, something that brings in some interesting ideas and creative mechanics. The game is all about offering some nifty approaches while also being very simple to play and learn. There’s a huge social aspect to Merge Dragons, because you can add friends for inspiration but you can also join a den and band together with people to fight others.

It’s great that you can merge all kinds of items, not only dragons, and if you do choose to merge dragons you can evolve them. The graphics are cute and the gameplay is designed to be friendly for kids as well. You have a variety of unique ideas inside the game and the visuals, as well as the gameplay itself are very good. You get to learn more about the world itself and you can also customize it to feel more interesting and intriguing.

Merge Dragons is a very cool game and especially hack, that continues to expand with creative levels and all kinds of merging opportunities. It’s designed to offer incredible game mechanics while also being very easy to play. You will find it tricky to fully upgrade your dragons, but it’s a very distinctive and fun game with lots of content and some of the nicest dragons out there!

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